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Maricopa’s Adjunct Faculty Resources

Maricopa Community College District has, historically, provided professional development opportunities for adjunct faculty in a variety of ways. Recently new, incredible opportunities are available such as the new TIER program and the TEAM Fellowship. These expanding opportunities are designed to improve student outcomes and to empower our faculty to continue to grow in their professional practice that has profoundly impact on helping our students succeed in Maricopa. Please explore the newly revised website that provides you with information for the many programs and opportunities available. Be certain to explore the Tier tab, as well as, other useful tabs for resources, manuals, and more. Feel free to reach out to the CTL’s or MCLI for support with these new and exciting programs.

Fall 2019 CTL Catalog

The catalog is here!

Interested in jumping in for some conversation, learning, or trying something new? Consider one of the many exciting events we have going on this semester! The catalog can be seen online or stop by and pick one up today! To look at a calendar view check out our calendar.

CTL Unconference

The Unconference Agenda

Question Everything Unconference

Time AS192 AS193 AS194
9:00 A.M. Canvas Q&A
Jeff Anderson
Debbie Holexa
Reading Strategies for All Disciplines
Anna McWhirter
9:30 A.M. Grants
Ken Maruyama
Making 4Cs Assessment Relevant for Student Learning
Lindsey Pederson
Critical Thinking Through Problem Solving in Your Classroom
Madeleine Chowdhury
10:00 A.M. Generating Discussion in Canvas
Stephanie Williams
Experiential Learning/Internships for ABUS Students
Keith Takata
Activity Based Learning
Susan Nicolson
10:30 A.M. New Media Lab
Eddie Webb
What can MCC do to Help Close the Achievement Gap?
White & Jesse
Libraries are Awesome!
McGuire & King
11:00 A.M. Sharing Strategies for Student Success
Jennifer Strickland
How Does Google Drive Actually Work?
James Bowles
11:30 A.M. Integrating 4C’s in Your Course
Pederson, Barrera, & Garvy
Sharing Culturally Responsive Practice
Beth Alsen
Civic Engagement Through Service Learning
Duane Oakes


Time AS192 AS193 AS194
12:30 P.M. Deciding When to use Excel or Google Sheets
James Bowles
Motivating/Mobilizing Students to Vote
Janell Alewyn
Running an Effective Meeting: Don’t Waste Time
Brian Dille
1:00 P.M. Curriculum Process @MCC
Shannon Ridgeway
Student Enrollment Process: Rosters, 45th Day, and Advising
Rhoads, Banner, & Thor
FPG: Faculty Professional Growth: Salary advancement, travel, and sabbaticals
Erin Rawson
1:30 P.M. Canvas Q&A
Jeff Anderson
Andrew Kasian
Financial Aid: Timelines, Processes, and Scholarships
Pat Peppin
2:00 P.M. Mid-Semester Student Formative Feedback
Janice Dawson
Social Change: Moving Beyond Competition and Conflict
Paul Harasha
Inserting Research Experiences into Courses Far from the “Cutting Edge”
Mark Neeley




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Discussions on Divisive Topics

Classroom discussions can be exciting, invigorating, and provide students with opportunities to connect, not only to your content, but to each other and you as the professor. Sometimes though, topics can be divisive or challenging to address. Maintaining and encouraging civil discourse can be challenging. Recently, The Chronicle of Higher Education approached this very topic with an article on a classroom strategy called “Reflective Structured Dialogue.” With this approach conversations begin first with a story rather than an opinion. There is a story behind why we have our opinions that we do, this approach has us share that story rather than the opinion itself. A story about how or why they have the opinion helps frame our opinions and starts the conversation on a more personal and respectful level. Read the full article here at The Chronicle.

If you want to learn more about Reflective Structured Dialogue watch this webinar offered by American Library Associations.

Cranium Cafe, because human connection matters.

Cranium Cafe for Virtual Office Hours

November 30 & December 1


Join the CTL Staff to Learn More

Dates: Thursday, 11/30 OR Friday, 12/1​
Times: 3:30-4:30pm OR 11:00am-12:00pm
Location: CTL AS-175
Workshop Description: Cranium Cafe integrates with Canvas and enables students to virtually connect with you and receive the support they need in the same way they would during your face-to-face office hours. You’ll be able to provide homework help, screen-share, complete test reviews, provide tutoring, and other just-in-time support.



Camp InspirEd

Join us for Camp Inspired May 15, 17-18!

Come to Camp Inspired and create a dialogue among faculty and staff about practices and strategies that blur the boundaries between Academic departments and Student Affairs in order to create a comprehensive, supportive path for students.

Session Topics

Registration Instructions

Pre-Conference (5/15): FMS Updates • HCM Registration Course Pending

DAY 1 (5/15): GRAB YOUR PACK AND GET HIKING • HCM Course: 002754 Session: 0001

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will kick off camp with a day filled with learning. Student Affairs staff will find connections with inclusive practices for serving diverse students.

Mid-Conference (5/16): MCLI Tech Conference • Registration:

DAY 2 (5/17): BLOOMING DESERT SCAVENGER HUNT • HCM Course: 002755 Session: 0001

Day 2 is focused on topics that integrate an array of tools for supporting students from recruitment to instruction. Keynote, Robin Ozz, will share current practices and trends for developmental learners.

DAY 3 (5/18): GRAND CANYON JEEP TOUR • HCM Course: 002756 Session: 0001

Day 3 will challenge faculty and staff to engage in refined practices to elevate the student experience at MCC. Select sessions will demonstrate alignment to MCC’s GPS and HSI initiatives.

Compensation Available

  1. We have submitted for Pre-Approval for 14.0 clock hours of FPG.
  2. A stipend of $110.00 for the first full day completed and verified through the CTL. A stipend of $137.50 each for the second and third full days completed and verified through FSS.  Funding is limited; priority will be assigned by registration date. That’s $385.00 to attend all three days!

Hourly breakdown: ($27.50 x 4 hours x 1 day) +  ($27.50 x 5 hours x 2 days)

Participating faculty will need to fill out all necessary paperwork, including daily evaluation and assessment forms. To be eligible for stipends, MCC faculty members must have taught during the 2016-2017 Academic Year and not reached their summer load limit. This includes Residential, OYO, OSO, and Adjunct faculty. HR will check load before processing assignments for payment.

Many hands raised.

Lunch and Learn – Turning Technologies Response Systems

Turning Technologies is a student response system distributor. Come to the CTL Workshop room to have lunch on them Thursday April 13 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm while they demonstrate how their system can increase student engagement in the classroom. One of their key products called TurningPoint will be demonstrated as well as their system’s ability to integrate with Canvas.

Seating is limited to 20 so RSVP Here to select your lunch preferences and reserve your seat.



Spring Training Banner

MCCCD Spring Training 2017

Throughout the month of March, faculty and staff professional development will be available at Maricopa campus and district locations in a number of formats including day, evening and online. Each week, a different region of locations will be offering learning events, i.e. games. Faculty and staff are encouraged to not only attend games (sessions) in their own regions, but also travel to other regions of the Valley. MCC’s CTL is offering a variety of in-person and webinar sessions for this series. View the MCC Spring Training professional development schedule. We hope to see you soon!

How to access MCC webinars:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the calendar icon on the top right side of the page.
  3. Click on the webinar event that you would like to attend.
  4. On the calendar description, click on Join video call.

Maricopa Digital Badging Dialog Day

Save the Date: Maricopa Digital Badging Dialog Day

Submitted for approval of 3 clock hours of non-academic advancement. If you are submitting for Faculty Professional Growth (FPG) hours, please print this announcement as you will need it to submit with your FPG application.

Join the MCLI, the “CTL Near You” and the Canvas LMS Core Group for a day focused on Digital Badging in Higher Education. Discover the valuable and growing role of digital badging in capturing student learning, motivating learners to new learning while also supporting competency-based education and industry/employer needs.

What is digital badging? Check out this article from Educause and then check out the event to dive in and learn more.

Hands-On Sessions

During the hands-on sessions, participants will get a chance to begin developing a badging model for their course or program, discuss the practical and fantastical strategies for using digital badges, and learn how to quickly and easily create and award badges using a web-based system.

Keynote Speaker

Veronica DiazDigital badging expert, Veronica Diaz from Educause, will present the keynote session about digital badging including best practice examples from colleges and universities around the country. She will talk about how educators can leverage badges to motivate learners while transforming the education and credentialing landscape.
Thursday, April 6

12:30 to 4:30 P.M.

Registration begins at 12 noon.

Chandler-Gilbert Community College –Pecos Campus
Agave (AGA) Bldg,
Rooms 1240 – 1242

Lunch on your own. Brown bags welcome.

Register Now
Digital Badge Icon
Earn Digital Badges for Participation!
For More
Information Contact:
Stephanie Williams
Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction
(480) 731-8298
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Back-to-School Workshops

MCC’s CTL will offer several workshops to support faculty and staff with best practices for instruction and work routines. Topics include Foundations of Course Design, Canvas tools (beginner and intermediate), and Change in Practice with Google applications. This fall the CTL will also offer accessibility training for all faculty. Departments have been designated two training dates in a given week for all residential and adjunct faculty to attend one training. Techniques from this training should be applied to all instructional design and will be useful during the Canvas course audit for accessibility. Workshop details are available on the CTL calendar.

Join us for Lunch & Learn: Spanish on Mondays and Thursdays this semester starting on August 29th in AS191. This informal workshop is offered to all MCC faculty and staff. Drop-in anytime and bring a sack lunch to learn and practice conversational Spanish.