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C.A.F.E. Program Logo

C.A.F.E. Credit for Fall 2013

C.A.F.E. (Cafe = Colloquy for Adjunct Faculty Experience) is an Mesa Community College Adjunct Faculty Development program sponsored by the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Coordinated by the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Who is Eligible for C.A.F.E.?

You must a adjunct faculty member currently teaching at Mesa Community College to be eligible for the C.A.F.E. Program. You must also submit the C.A.F.E. Program Form.

Earning C.A.F.E. Credits & Payment Information

Participants may earn up to just shy of $300 per academic year (a maximum of 11 credit hours) based on attendance at C.A.F.E. approved sessions offered by the MCC Center for Teaching & Learning. Funding is limited and priority will be given to first-time C.A.F.E. participants until funding for the year is exhausted.  Payment for accumulated credits will be made toward the end of the fall and spring semesters (based on the availability of funds). Attendance at eligible sessions will be verified via the CTL and/or District online registration systems and signup sheets. You must sign-in attend an entire session to receive credit. Learn more about the Program.

Applying for the Program

Persons interested in earning C.A.F.E. credit must submit a form to receive payment based on the eligibility criteria. Forms submitted after the deadlines above will not be considered for credit. Credit cannot be carried over from one semester OR academic year to another. For the Fall 2013 application, sessions designated as C.A.F.E. from August 10 – September 13 may be included. Repeat attendance will not be considered for funding. Applicants must be currently teaching as adjunct faculty at MCC to receive payment under the program conditions. The deadline for C.A.F.E. program forms for the Fall semester is Friday, November 16, 5:00PM.

C.A.F.E. Form

To be considered for C.A.F.E. Program funding you must complete the C.A.F.E. Credit Form by Friday, November 16 at 5:00PM.

You can view your training summary (training transcript) in HRMS (Time & Labor). Any training you have taken with the CTL is listed as part of your Learning & Development Training Summary under Self-Service. Verify your training is designated as C.A.F.E. in the CTL Schedule. Only sessions attended from August 10 – September 13 will be considered in the Fall application cycle.