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CIS 236 & 237 Open Entry

Interested in Teaching Online/Hybrid?

CIS 236 & 237 are Now Offered as Open Entry

Interested in teaching online (or hybrid), but never taught these formats before?  The CIS 236 and CIS 237 series, now offered as open enrollment, may help you get started in teaching & learning online.  Experience the ‘student’ perspective in CIS 236 and then explore course design and content creation in CIS 237.  If you have difficulties registering or have questions about these courses, contact the instructor(s) listed below.

Tuition Waivers may apply for Spring / Summer I faculty:  http://www.maricopa.edu/publicstewardship/resources/tw.php

Melanie Kroening (mkroening@mesacc.edu) – CIS236
Helice Agria (helice.agria@mesacc.edu) – CIS237

CIS 236:  Web Based Teaching & Learning I (2 credits)

Experience using a web-based learning environment from an online student’s perspective.  Use communication tools, submit assignments, use evaluation tools, and navigate an online-learning environment.  Introduction to the basics of online pedagogy.  Hands-on experience with a web-based learning environment.  Prerequisites:  CIS133CA or CIS 133DA, or permission of instructor. Contact instructor for override code.

  • Offered fully online during Summer I (Open Entry/Open Exit)

CIS 237:  Web Based Teaching & Learning II (3 credits)

Discuss theories, methods, and best practices for designing, developing, and delivering an online course.  Create an online or hybrid course module using a web-based learning environment.  Prerequisites: CIS 236, or permission of instructor.

  • Offered fully online during Summer I (Open Entry/Open Exit)