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Canvas End of Semester Updates

Canvas Update: End of Semester Reminders

Finish the Semester Strong!

In order to ensure a smooth, end of the semester, please consider following the best practice activities for closing your course and transitioning to the next semester.

Important Note: Withdrawn student data, downloading of data, and sending of messages is not available after final grades have been entered in My.Maricopa (SIS).

BEFORE Grading in My.Maricopa (SIS)

  • Archive Grades – Download your gradebook to CSV to archive it locally on your computer or flash drive (Click on Grades > Click on the Gear symbol > Click on Download to CSV)
  • Gather Data – Download any course surveys, quizzes or exam results to archive them locally on your computer or flash drive (Click on Quizzes > Select the Quiz > Click on Quiz Statistics > Select the download option of Student and/or Item Analysis)
  • Send Final Communications – Send end-of-course messages to students, if desired

AFTER Grading in My.Maricopa (SIS)

  • End Course – You can leave your course “as is” and it will automatically go into a read-only mode for students. They will no longer be able to submit assignments or communicate with the class. If you prefer, you can also end your course (Settings > Edit Course Details > Enter an Ending Date for the course). We DO NOT recommend concluding your course as it becomes inaccessible to you.
  • Locking Content – If you do not want students to view Quiz Questions after the end of a semester you will need to set and ending date for your course. Click on Settings > Edit Course Details > Enter an Ending Date for the course. 

PREPARING for Summer/Fall

  • Course Copy – Get ready for Summer/Fall by copying your course shells. Navigate to the Summer or Fall 2014 course, open Settings and then follow the Course Copy Instructions.
  • Enable Draft State – Draft State (view feature video) will become a permanent change to the Canvas interface on July 5, but will be implemented for all Summer/Fall courses by MCCCD on May 10. Information sessions about this new feature will be offered in May and before the fall semester.
  • Clean Your Inbox – Archive your Spring messages in your Conversation Inbox so that you can start the Summer/Fall semester(s) with a clean slate. Archiving Conversations.
  • Customize Your Course Menu – Remove your Spring classes from and add your Summer/Fall courses to your course drop-down menu. Customize Course Menu.