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Canvas Updates

Canvas User Updates November 19

Important Notices

Check Your Course Deadlines!

Most of the United States observes a custom know as Daylight Savings Time. Software is often adjusted to account for these changes, making it easier for course information to transition when the clock does. In Arizona we do not observe Daylight Savings Time and this can be a challenging exception when programming software. Currently users have been experiencing a change in times throughout Canvas where time deadlines are concerned. Users may experience issues with assignment due dates, release deadlines, module locks and other time specific operations within Canvas.

What is happening?
Deadlines may shift by 1 hour earlier then scheduled. This will most likely occur during a course migration/copy process from Fall to Spring when using the Adjust Events and Due Dates Feature. It may also occur when creating assignments with deadlines past March 10.

What is Canvas going to do about it? When will it be fixed? This is not acceptable!
Canvas is aware of the issue and their engineers are working on it. There is currently no ETA for the fix, but we are continuing to follow-up and monitor the issue to make sure it is resolved quickly.

What should I do?
For now it’s simply a matter of making sure the dates and times are correct and fixing those that displaying the wrong date/time manually. Any adjustments made to the incorrect deadlines should remain fixed and you should not experience additional time changing issues. If you need assistance with this process, please contact the MCC Center for Teaching & Learning at ctl@mesacc.edu.

Time to Transition to the New Calendar

Canvas will be slowly removing support for the old calendar. This means that you may experience issues with dates appearing wrong on the old calendar even when you make adjustments. Learn more:

Old vs. New Calendar Overview

Video Tutorial: Using the New Calendar

Chrome 30 Blocks Mixed Content

Chrome has recently updated their security to block mixed content. This means that unsecured multimedia content within Canvas will not display without user action. Learn how to allow blocked content .To keep up with all the latest browser updates visit the Canvas Browser Support Guide. This guide will be continuously revised and is a great resource to share with students.

Canvas Update Cycle

Canvas is on a 3-week update-release cycle. The beta release notes for this next cycle were available on 11/25, production notes will follow on 12/02 with the release and documentation to follow on 12/07. For information about Canvas updates follow the release page.


Canvas Updates

Canvas Users Update – Week of February 18, 2013

Important Notices

  • Changes to Withdrawn/Dropped students in Canvas:  Soon you may notice a change in how we handle Withdrawn and Dropped students in Canvas.  No longer will they appear in the ‘completed’ state in Analytics and Grades within your courses.  Withdrawn and Dropped students will be completely removed from the course.  If you need to see their data or if the student is re-added to the course (through SIS) all of their work and grades will reappear.  This is a change the district has made from the current processes.

Current Updates – January/February Release

  • Closed Captioning: Instructors can now add closed captioning to any video created or uploaded in Canvas and students can add captioning to their own videos. Note: Videos embedded from YouTube or other sources will have to include captioning from the source file.

Canvas Kaltura Screenshot

  • Improvements for iOS Devices: The majority of videos in Canvas will now play on iOS Devices, like iPads making it easier for all students to access your content across devices.
  • Convenient Discussion Settings: Discussion board settings are now linked from the discussion board page  making it easier for instructors to set specific permissions like file attachments or allowing students to create their own discussion topics. These settings were previously only available in the Course Settings area.

Discussion Settings Screen Shot Canvas

  • All the Small Things! A new Printer Friendly Option has been added to the student gradebook making it easier for students and faculty to print grades. Students are also able to quickly move from one course grade view to another.

Student Grade Print Feature Screenshot (more…)