FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

What workshops are available And what times are they offered?

Workshop offerings vary from semester to semester. See the CTL Calendar at

Does the CTL host events at Red Mountain?

Yes, if there are at least 5 employees interested in a specific workshop. The CTL will also offer custom workshops. To set this up, e-mail the CTL at with your request.

Can I request a customized workshop …or professional development opportunity for my department?

Yes, the CTL will offer customized workshops requested by a department if at least 5 faculty / staff are interested in the same subject. Customized workshops will be scheduled according to CTL staff availability and room availability. To set this up, e-mail the CTL at with your requests.

What is the Café program?

Depending on funding each year, the CTL strives to encourage the continuing education and involvement of adjunct faculty at MCC through the Café program. Each semester, faculty receive a small monetary incentive for workshops they attend through the CTL during the semester. View the detailed Cafe Credit Program information found under ‘Programs’ or contact the CTL with questions.

What types of activities does the CTL offer in the summer?

The CTL is open during the summer (June and July) Monday through Thursday and offers workshops according to staff / faculty demand and CTL staff availability. Check the CTL website and calendar for available workshops and current hours as summer semester approaches.