Course QM Self-Review

As a member of a subscribing institution, you can use the rubric with the online Self-Review Tool.


This easy to use system allows you to

  • Identify standards met or not met
  • Write evidence of meeting the standard
  • Write suggestions for improvement
  • Share your review with colleagues and mentors.

If you are a seasoned online instructor at Mesa Community College, use the Quality Matters (QM) Self-Review tool tool to refine your online course. Document how your course meets the QM Essential (3pt.) Standards to earn a $350 stipend.

Start your QM Self-Review

Contact the CTL for Quality Matters account activation:

After your college QM Coordinator enrolls you in the Quality Matters system, you will need to set your login credentials for the MyQM website. Select “No, I am new here” under the password section of the Sign In screen.

QM Sign In Screen. Select No, I am new here.

Go to the My Activity menu and select Professional Development. Select the Confidentiality Agreement and click the checkbox to agree to the terms, then click Submit.

Set up a QM Self-Review of your course by selecting the Higher Education Education tab, then (1) select the CRMS icon on the top blue bar, and expand (2) My Course Reviews, finally (3) select Self-Reviews.

QM CRMS login

Select Complete New Self-Review and enter a descriptive Review Title on the next screen. A descriptive title may contain information like your last name, the course number, and title.

QM My Self-Reviews. Select Complete New Self-Review.

Select Save Self-Review, once you have finished reviewing each standard.

Use the information from your Self-Review to revise your course to ensure that at least all of the 3-point standards are met. Once you make any revisions necessary, go back into your self-review and mark any unmet 3-point standards as met.

Click on the View Review link to download your Self-Review Report in PDF format. If you are requesting a QM Self-Review stipend, submit your Self-Review Report to the CTL that demonstrates how you have met all of the QM Essential (3-point) Standards.

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