Z Degree Expert Model Details

Expert Model Details

Content Expert: This is a two semester development commitment. Content Expert faculty will receive a stipend at the completion of course development. The following pilot semester, they will receive a stipend to integrate revisions to the course after they have taught the class.

Content Reviewer: In addition to the Content Expert faculty, a Content Reviewer will receive a stipend to peer review the course outline/map and provide feedback on the content of the completed course.

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Our Expert Model Development Process


Phase One/First Semester

  • Professional Development: Attend initial kick-off/orientation meeting and if deemed necessary, learn more about OER and project management with Google Drive and Calendar. Later in the development process, faculty will receive personalized training on Cranium Cafe (online office hours and online instruction platform), Brainfuse (online tutoring), Dropout Detective (early alert system), and other discipline relevant tool training.
  • Expert Model Development Process: Work with your project manager/Instructional Designer (ID) to develop and share course content and media and meet weekly deliverables. [example weekly schedule]

Phase Two/ Second Semester

  • Pilot Course: Teach the course and make revisions
  • Share Out: Share the course with the college community. This can be done in various ways and will be determined collaboratively with your Instructional Designer.

Revision Cycle

eLearning will fund revisions every 18-24 months for the entire life cycle of the Z Course. Actual funding amount and revision personnel will vary depending on the need.


All Z Degree funded courses will have dual ownership (MCC/Department & Faculty). We will maintain an original copy of the course to maintain the versioning process.