QM and Gold Star

Quality Matters (QM):

Quality Matters at MCCQuality Matters (QM) is a nationally recognized, research-based, faculty-centered, peer review process designed to acknowledge the quality of online/hybrid courses. The QM framework, implemented through a rubric, is about course design and making your course navigation and structure intuitive, so that students’ questions will be more focused on the content of your course. QM recognized courses improve both student learning outcomes, student success, and retention.

The Maricopa Community Colleges are Quality Matters subscribers. As subscribers we can access and use the full rubric with annotations to self-assess courses, as well as coordinate official QM reviews for our system. Learn more about official reviews.

What does the QM Rubric consist of?

The QM Rubric reflects current research finding and national standards of best practice in online learning.   It consists of a set of 8 general standards with 43 specific standards used to evaluate the design of online and blended courses. Learn more about the QM Rubric.

What is the QM Process?

The QM Process is the actual steps toward a course becoming QM Certified. It consists of a self-review period, a formal review period triggered by an application and revision period (if required). Upon completion of the process the goal is to have all courses be certified as meeting the QM standard. Learn more about the QM Process: Timeline and Application at MCCCD.

How and when can I submit my course for QM Review?

To submit your course to be peer-reviewed, complete the QM Course Review Application. Be sure to review the QM Process: Timeline and Application prior to submitting your application.

Is there a stipend?

Yes, $200.00 will be awarded upon the course becoming QM certified.
(Contingent upon funding availability).

Mesa Gold Star (GS):

Mesa Gold StarGold Star is a MCC recognized faculty-centered, training and peer-review process to support faculty developers to design an internet or hybrid course based on the QM Rubric. The Gold Star program begins with a three-part Course Design Training Series that guides participants in mapping and aligning their course, creating measurable learning objectives and building formative assessments. Each faculty developer will be matched with a mentor who will provide guidance and support during the design phase. Upon completion of the program faculty developers should be ready to submit their course for an Official QM Review.

How do I apply?

In the beginning of the fall and spring semester, there will be an announcement via email to participate in the Gold Star Program as a Mentee (faculty developer) or as a Mentor.  If interested, submit an application:

  1. Gold Star Mentee (Faculty Developer) Application:  For faculty interested in designing or redesigning courses.
  2. Gold Star Mentor Application: For faculty interested in mentoring faculty with course design.

Is there a stipend?

Yes, $800.00 will be awarded to both the faculty developer and mentor upon the course becoming GS approved and an additional payment of $2oo.oo when the course is QM certified (contingent upon funding availability).