Removing the Background of an Image

For a long time one would have to break out the old magic wand or lasso tool and carefully select around the portion of the image they wanted to remove the background. Then copy the selection and place it on a new layer or canvas. That is now a thing of the past!

The process of background removal is much more fine-tuned now by utilizing the pen tool. Using Adobe Fireworks 8

  1. Open an image
  2. Select the pen tool
  3. Begin drawing an outline around the desired portion of the image
    Pen Tool Selection
  4. Upon completing the outline, Select the outline and press Modify>Convert Path to Marquee…
    Pen Tool Selection 2
  5. A pop-up will appear and click OK to anti-alias the edges of the selection.
    Pen Tool Selection 3
  6. Finally copy or cut the selection and paste it in the current canvas or a new one!
    Pen Tool Selection 4

This technique can also be accomplished in Adobe Photoshop.

Happy Imaging!

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  1. Matthew says:

    This is awesome! I was growing tired of messed up selection jobs. Way to go!

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