Speaker: Applying for Residential Faculty Jobs

Dr. Christine Hall, District Director of Employment & Recruitment, came to speak to our adjunct faculty on Monday and the response was wonderful! We had more than 35 attendees from a wide range of disciplines come to get tips on how to best apply for residential faculty positions at Maricopa County Community Colleges.

Sometimes it seems there’s a shroud of secrecy surrounding the entire process, so I’m extremely grateful to Dr. Hall for demystifying it for us and found her suggestions about making the search committee’s job easier to be something I’ll definitely incorporate the next time I apply! (For those of you who missed it, one way is to use bullet points on the cover letter to highlight each of the desired qualifications in the job description.)

Also in attendance was Stephanie Fujii, Faculty Recruitment Officer and residential faculty in counseling at Estrella Mountain, who explained what the search committee is looking for in the micro-teach (how well you are able to teach to the topic provided, whether you are able to stay within the time-frame given, can you make effective use of classroom technology such as Power Point, and are you able to engage the search committee to name just a few).

What was most exciting about this, for me, was that so many of our adjunct faculty were willing to take time out of their busy schedules, many of whom came on their lunch hour from other jobs, to attend. Dr. Hall said that over 50% of new hires had previously been adjunct faculty at Maricopa, so there is clearly hope for those of us who are working toward residential positions!

If you missed it, our fabulous technology staff (thanks so much Jeff & Donna!) have put together an audio podcast, a streaming video of the presentation in ASL, and the notes from Dr. Hall’s presentation that you access from links at the end of this post.

Finally, I wanted to mention a couple of other CTL blogs that would be great to check out Ken just posted one on the PowerPoint debate in academia that gave me some great ideas for improving my use of it in the classroom, and Jeff’s comparison of online learning from a student’s perspective to the “fight or flight“ reflex is a “must read” for anyone developing online courses. . . or just thinking about it!

To view a PDF of Dr. Hall’s PowerPoint presentation, click here: Adjunct Presentation 2007 (Please note: The default for printing is to have one slide per page – since the presentation is 25 slides, consider changing your settings to more slides per page before you print)

If you want to access a streaming video version of the presentation in ASL, click here: Hiring_Workshop_ASL.ram

(RealPlayer is required. To download RealPlayer, click here.)

If you want to listen to an audio recording of the presentation, a podcast feed is available below.

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