Internet Explorer: Top Notch Browser?

Well… Microsoft Internet Explorer does it again! Today I was doing some work on some highly stylized HTML lists. I began to do my normal routine of looking at the web page in various browsers. Everything was looking great, but then came Internet Explorer 6! I noticed that it had placed quite a bit of extra space between each list item. Investigation started!

I noticed on some other pages that this effect takes place when the list item contains an anchor tag (<a>). Here’s an example:

Upon Further investigation it became clear that by simply inserting a space after the link text and before the closing anchor tag (</a>) the problem goes away! Here’s what it looks like:

Lessons learned:

  • Continually check websites for strange behavior in various browsers
  • Never trust Internet Explorer (any version)
  • Continue to use Firefox!


  1. Shelley Rodrigo says:

    Keep up the Good Fight James. On that note…have you started playing with GreaseMonkey? Know any good scripts I should try?

  2. Sean says:

    Oh, when will be rid of that uncivilized browser once and for all?

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