Hot Pocket

My last post was serious so here’s another quick funny post to contrast it. On the way back from the Red Mountain campus yesterday I was having another good conversation with my ride, Charlie Levine. Right in the middle of it my right leg started feeling really hot for some reason. I felt bad because Charlie and I were having a good talk and during his part of the conversation I was fidgeting around in my seat and thinking to myself, “Why in the world is my leg on fire?!”. It took me about 3 minutes of discomfort to finally do something about it, and I discovered that a 9-volt battery that I had put in my pocket in preparation for some video work that morning was being shorted out by my key chain. (Which by the way creates a very hot set of keys.)

So here are my 9-volt battery safety tips:

  • Don’t touch them to your tongue unless you want a shocking experience (it’s okay to do this once when you are a kid and your older sibling triple-dog dares you)
  • Don’t touch them to your metal watch band while it’s on your wrist (I did this once on purpose just to see what would happen)
  • Don’t carry them in your pocket with anything metal. (It gives new meaning to the term Hot Pocket) Ouch!

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  1. Shelley Rodrigo says:

    I needed that kind of a laugh…Shelley

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