Feed Your Read

At this point in time many of you have probably heard the term Web2.0. And I know that most of you have heard all of the “social”-ness of the internet, especially with social networking sights like MySpace and Facebook. What you probably do not realize that it is primarily RSS technology (Really Simple Syndication) that pulls all this socialness together. So what IS RSS?

Over the past two years I have tried explaining RSS to folks, students and faculty alike. Just recently I found the following video…watch it NOW!

Hopefully what this video helped you realize is that you can be reading about lots of information and still saving time. So go get a Google Reader account (it is probably easier to have a Gmail account first) and start feeding your read. And to keep your read on, I will start introducing one RSS feed a week that I think all the folks at MCC will find hip, fun, and possibly useful!

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