TLTR Talks Copyright

  • Do you know when you show half of that movie or television recording if you are breaking copyright? Since you just close your classroom door, do you care?
  • What if you are teaching or working online, are you worried about posting articles, audio recordings, or visual media that you did not make yourself? How can you make sure you are protected?
  • Are you administrating a server where someone might have uploaded copyrighted material? Are you responsible for that violation?

fuzzy copyright logoWith the increasing number of multimedia resources that faculty can incorporate into their classes, both face-to-face as well as online, copyright should be something we think about regularly. And although our enrollment numbers are down, our Learning Management System (WebCT) numbers are up…what are faculty putting up in those online spaces? Is it all legal?

Join the Teaching & Learning with Technology Roundtable (TLTR) as it discusses copyright during the next month. We’ll hold the discussion in the CTL’s blog where we’ll post a weekly “prompt” and everyone can reply to the individual message. The general topics will be:

  • 3/3-16:Straight To the Source–let’s read the actual laws, acts, etc. and give our impressions
  • 3/17-23: Interpretations in Higher Ed–let’s read how various other institutions, organizations, etc. have interpreted these laws and give our impressions
  • 3/24-28: @MCC–let’s start discussing both institutional and individual level policies, guidelines, and practices we might want to implement

This week (3/3-16)
Straight to the Source

  • What are the various laws that impact what resources we can use in our classes?
  • How much of those resources can we use legally?
  • How might we protect some of those resources in an online environment?

Let’s look at the specific laws and policies that guide our usage. After you’ve skimmed the major ones below, reply with what you think. What surprised you? What worries you? What confuses you?

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