CTL Week of Accountability Spring 2015

Spring 2015 Week of Accountability

A New Year: It’s Time for Your Resolutions

Center for Teaching & Learning Schedule of Events –
Week of Accountability January 9 – 16, 2015

Explore a week of activities that focus on starting the New Year off right. From maximizing the Canvas LMS to building learning-centered activities, the Mesa Community College Center for Teaching & Learning is your support and resource for innovative education technology and pedagogy. Plan to start your 2015 and Spring semester with the CTL!

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Fostering Civic Engagement

11:00a.m. – 12:30p.m. CTL Lab (AS175) S&D Campus; HRMS Course #002179 Session #0003

2:30p.m. – 4:00p.m. CTL Lab (AS175) S&D Campus; HRMS Course #002179 Session #0004

At MCC we strive to have students become engaged in the life of the wider community by demonstrating their knowledge of civic issues and through active volunteerism/service experiences that connect to their programs of study. Join us as we unlock the keys to deeper learning through the MCC 4’C Outcome of Civic Engagement including interpretation and explanation, alignment to courses or programs, and creation of artifacts for assessment purposes. Presented by Duane Oakes, Faculty Director of the MCC Center for Community & Civic Engagement

Saturday, January 10, 2015

8:00 a.m.  –  12:00 noon    Open Lab

CTL AS Building; Southern & Dobson Campus

Drop in during any time of the open lab to access resources and help with Canvas or building/planning your course! CTL Staff will be available to answer questions as you work on your classes to get started for the semester. Handouts and computers are available so that you can come in and work and ask questions as you go.

9:00 a.m.  –  12:00 noon    New Adjunct Faculty Orientation

HRMS Course #001830, Session #0004; CTL Lab AS Building, Room 175; Southern & Dobson Campus

Welcome to teaching at Mesa Community College. This session will cover all the little and big things you need to know about being an Adjunct Faculty Member for MCC. Contact the CTL for more information, (480) 461-7331.

Monday, January 12, 2015

8:00 a.m.  –  4:00 p.m.    Open Lab

CTL AS Building; Southern & Dobson Campus

9:00a.m. – 10:30a.m. Early, Often & Awesome! Building an Effective Learning Community

CTL Lab (AS175) S&D Campus; HRMS Course #001555, Session #0006; Southern & Dobson Campus

The dynamics of what makes a class gel can seem at times mysterious. In this session we will explore methods for capturing the “lightning” to purposefully build and sustain an engaging learning environment that connects students with each other, you and the content. A variety of welcome activities, assessment techniques, group exercises and collaborative assignments for online, hybrid and face-to-face class formats will be introduced and discussed. Bring your own ideas to share with the group!

11:00a.m. – 12:30p.m. Yoga Mindfulness in the Classroom for Student Success

CTL Lab (AS175) S&D Campus; HRMS Course #002254, Session #0001; Southern & Dobson Campus

The Social Work Program at Mesa Community College conducted research on the impact of stress on student test scores and the incidence of adverse childhood experiences (ACE Study) within our student population. Join Dori DiPietro, the Faculty Director of the MCC Social Work Program, as she discusses the results of the research and leads participants through experiential and interactive activities in how using simple Yoga-Mindfulness techniques in their classroom can increase student learning outcomes and engagement. Presented by Dori DiPietro, Faculty Director of the MCC Social Work Program

2:30p.m. – 3:30p.m. MCC’s Getting Started Module

CTL Lab (AS175) S&D Campus; HRMS Course #002255, Session #0001; Southern & Dobson Campus

The MCC Getting Started Module Template is designed to provide instructors with the basic elements necessary to effectively welcome students to a course and provide valuable resources to help students be successful within Canvas. Based on the Quality Matters rubric and the work of the MCC eLearning Committee, this module is a generic resource that contains best practice ideas, resources and activities for a variety of course formats and needs. Come to this informative session to review the module, download the resource into your courses, and begin to modify, delete and update the content and language to meet your course and student needs.

4:00p.m. – 5:00p.m. Revealing the Best Kept Secrets of Canvas

CTL Lab (AS175) S&D Campus; HRMS Course #002205, Session #0002

Canvas is an amazing LMS (Learning Management System), but some of its coolest features are buried deep. Uncover hidden treasures like: auto-open document preview, undeleting lost items, moderating quizzes for more time/attempts, adding custom navigation; and more! Note: Not a beginning Canvas Session.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

12:00p.m. – 3:00p.m. MCC Library Open House

Southern & Dobson and Red Mountain Campus Libraries

Head to the MCC Library for light refreshments and discover what they can do! Learn about their iPads, new media, scheduled instruction for research/digital literacy, developmental education programs, and more. Meet all the Librarians as they show off the talents they can bring to meet your teaching and learning needs.

Friday, January 16, 2015

8:00 a.m.  –  4:00 p.m.    Open Lab

CTL AS Building; Southern & Dobson Campus

9:00a.m. – 10:00a.m. Cyber Secure Your Semester

CTL Lab (AS175) S&D Campus; HRMS Course #002256, Sessions #0001; Southern & Dobson Campus

Learn how to secure your semester with MCC’s Director of IT Security Planning, Jeremy Kurtz, who will discuss the “Tbird Top Ten” cyber security tips. An important session for all MCC employees, best practices for securing personal and student data will be examined. Presented by Jeremy Kurtz, Director of MCC IT Security Planning

11:00a.m. – 12:30p.m. Behavior Assessment Inside (and outside) the Classroom

CTL Lab (AS175) S&D Campus; HRMS Course #002257, Sessions #0001; Southern & Dobson Campus

This will be a dialog driven workshop with real-MCC examples of students of concern to the college. Learn what you should/can do about it? How can you assess a real vs unsubstantiated threat to the learning environment or college community? Walk away with hands on tools that will help you diagnose a threat vs something that requires application of the conduct code. Presented by Meredith Warner, MCC Dean of Students

1:00p.m. – 2:30p.m. MCC Residential Faculty Tablet Initiative – A Chat & Chew

CTL Lab (AS175) Southern & Dobson Campus

Interested in the MCC Tablet Initiative? Are you a residential faculty member looking for some advice on what tablet to get? Want to know more about MCC’s goal to support more BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) on campus? Want to become a part of a tablet community that shares ideas and best practices? Grab some yummy snacks at the Employee Social (CTL 1:30-2:30pm) and join us for a open Chat and Chew.

3:00p.m. – 5:00p.m. Developing a Learning-Centered & Interactive Syllabus

CTL Lab (AS175) Southern & Dobson Campus; HRMS Course #001201, Session #0014; Southern & Dobson Campus

Engaging students in the learning process begins with the syllabus. In this session we will explore how to construct a syllabus that not only conveys the required MCCCD/MCC policies and procedures of the class, but introduces students to the goals of the learning process. Discover how to build a syllabus that focuses on meaningful expectations, learning objectives and provides students with the resources to be successful from day one. Feel free to bring your syllabus to work on during the session.

*The C.A.F.E. Program has been suspended, ctl.mesacc.edu/programs/cafe.

**Session Cancellation Process: Sessions may be canceled due to low enrollment or rarely for staffing reasons. Participants will be notified within 24 hours of cancellations.

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