Mindfulness Virtual Trainings

MCC employees have access to fully online Mindfulness training courses via Canvas. Courses are assigned to themed modules. When all criteria are met in a module (100 score for training courses), employees earn badges that are awarded in Canvas.

Claim a Badge

  • Go to the Canvas course where the badge was earned.
  • Click on Badges in the course navigation. If you have not met all criteria for the badge, the badge will appear grayed out on the page.
  • Hover over the badge and click View Details.
  • Review the badge information.
  • Download or share your badge.

Title V SENDAS Professional Development Payment Opportunity

Employees that earn all 5 mindfulness badges may be eligible for a $300 one-time payment for grant research. Completers will receive an email invitation from SENDAS staff to participate.

To earn the payment the employee must:

  • acknowledge research parameters,
  • submit an artifact to show the application of mindfulness to your work at MCC, and
  • agree to participate in a focus group (if available).

Research components should be completed outside of regular work hours. Employees are only eligible for a single one-time payment per term for this professional development. Payments are limited to grant funding.

Mindfulness-based DEI

3.5 hours

Creating a culture of mindfulness will impact how our workforce communicates and performs. This course explores how mindfulness skills can be applied to everyday interactions, fostering a DEI climate.

Mindfulness and Helping Professions

2 hours

Extensive research in the fields of psychology, medicine, and counseling have explored the use and benefits of mindfulness-based practice in general. This module explores intersections of mindfulness and helping professions to benefit faculty and students in related Maricopa fields.

Trauma-informed Mindfulness

2.5 hours

By understanding trauma and its effects, we can help more students to be more successful academically and personally. Mindfulness is widely recognized for its mental health benefits, but for individuals that have experienced trauma, it has the potential to cause harm. In this module, we will describe types of trauma and explore trauma-informed mindfulness, which is a practice that is adapted to the unique needs of trauma survivors.

Cultural Compassion, Loving Kindness, and Mindfulness

1.0 hour

In this keynote session at MCC, Dr. Michael Yellow Bird correlates the evolutionary process of the brain to build walls and territories by difference to developing a cultural of compassion with loving kindness and mindfulness.

Mindful at Work

1.0 hour

In this featured speaker session at MCC, Zina Mercil offers guided practice for employees to bring self-care mindfully into the present moment. The session highlights daily life challenges to mindfulness, training for well-being, and mindfulness and self-care habits.