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FMS Training Begins in June

Fiscal Management System (FMS) – User Training at MCC

From CFS to FMS – A New System!

As you may know, we are moving to a new financial system. The District is in the final testing cycle and the plan is to go live on Monday, July 6th, which is only 6 weeks away! 

Training is Available at MCC for Requisition & Travel Processes

For those who currently use CFS (the College Financial System, our current financial management system) and will use FMS, the District will offer training classes at MCC. All system users are strongly encouraged to attend training either at MCC or another college location as their schedule permits.  

Many aspects of the new system will be very similar CFS, but in FMS, all travel authorizations and expense claims will be completed and submitted on-line via the Expense module, including on-line approvals.  This means no more routing of paper forms for approvals or questions about the status of approvals. Specific training will be provided for this new feature and all travelers are encouraged to take advantage of the training either at MCC or another college location.

Additional information including Frequently Asked Questions are available at the FMS implementation website and please check back periodically for updates, including the training schedules for all campuses and the District Office.

User Training Sessions Schedule

Registration via HRMS

Registration Instructions

All sessions will be held at the MCC Southern & Dobson Campus – BA Building, Room 11S

Special Notes:
Please view the Requisition and Travel Process videos before attending these trainings.
Also, please bring your MEID and Employee ID to the  trainings. 

Course  Session  Course Name  Date  Time  Trainer 
002316 0066 FMS Requisitions 6/8/15 8:00A – 9:30A Kristin
002317 0066 FMS Travel & Expenses 6/8/15 10:30A – 12:00P Kristin
002316 0067 FMS Requisitions 6/8/15 1:00P – 2:30P Kristin
002317 0067 FMS Travel & Expenses 6/8/15 3:30P – 5:00P Kristin
002316 0068 FMS Requisitions 6/16/15 8:00A – 9:30A Kristin
002317 0068 FMS Travel & Expenses 6/16/15 10:30A – 12:00P Kristin
002316 0069 FMS Requisitions 6/16/15 1:00P – 2:30P Kristin
002317 0069 FMS Travel & Expenses 6/16/15 3:30P – 5:00P Kristin
002316 0070 FMS Requisitions 6/17/15 8:00A – 9:30A Kristin
002317 0070 FMS Travel & Expenses 6/17/15 10:30A – 12:00P Kristin
002316 0071 FMS Requisitions 6/17/15 1:00P – 2:30P Kristin
002317 0071 FMS Travel & Expenses 6/17/15 3:30P – 5:00P Kristin
002316 0072 FMS Requisitions 6/22/15 8:00A – 9:30A Kristin
002317 0072 FMS Travel & Expenses 6/22/15 10:30A – 12:00P Kristin
002316 0073 FMS Requisitions 6/22/15 1:00P – 2:30P Kristin
002317 0073 FMS Travel & Expenses 6/22/15 3:30P – 5:00P Kristin

Course Descriptions

FMS Requisitions 

The Financial Management System (FMS) is Maricopa’s system of record for all business services transactions including purchasing, accounts payable, fixed assets, accounting processes, and other financial activities. In this Requisitions training, employees will create a Regular Requisition and a Blanket Requisition. Information will also be provided on finding and modifying requisitions. Office personnel responsible for ordering goods and services for their department should attend.

FMS Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports 

The Financial Management System (FMS) is Maricopa’s system of record for all business services transactions including travel. All Maricopa travel is done in FMS. In this training, employees will create and look up Travel Authorizations. Training will also include an Expense Report demonstration.


I have questions about the new system?

Visit the Implementation Web Site for details about the new system, the implementation timeline, training and other frequently asked questions about the rollout of the new financial system.

Need Assistance Registering? Contact Training Services.