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Student Withdraw Survey

In an effort to help instructors learn more about why students are withdrawing from their courses the eLearning Committee is making available a ‘withdraw survey’. Instructors maintain their own surveys along with student responses using Google Drive. In addition to improving their own courses based on this feedback, instructors can choose to share this information with the eLearning director who, along with the eLearning committee, can look for trends and identify possible solutions for improving student success.

Preview The Withdraw Survey


  1. Login to the Google account you wish to add the form to.
  2. Follow the link: (This will open up a survey response spreadsheet for viewing only.)
  3. Select ‘File’ and ‘Make a copy…’
  4. Enter a name for your response spreadsheet and click ‘OK’. (This will create your own copy in your Google Drive which you can edit and where your students’ responses will be kept.)
  5. Go to your Google Drive and open the response spreadsheet you just copied. (Normally this will open up automatically when you create your own copy.)
  6. From the spreadsheet menu select ‘Form’ and then ‘Edit form’. (This will create and open the form which you can edit. This is the form students will see when they complete the survey.)
  7. Add your course sections and make other edits as you see fit.
  8. When you have completed editing, click the ‘Send form’ button (top right) to send your students a link to the survey. You can also copy the link and paste it into emails or other documents for student access.