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Nearpod Pilot at MCC

Create active and engaging lessons to support and assess student learning using student’s web-based devices. 

Join the MCC Nearpod Pilot!

Nearpod is an all-in-one presentation and assessment tool that leverages student web-based devices to engage students in interactive and engaging lessons. MCC has secured an all access pilot of the District Edition to test this software beginning October 1st to the end of the Fall 2015 semester.

We are currently looking for 25 faculty willing to join the pilot. Ideal pilot participants should specifically be interested in using Nearpod beyond the feature set of the FREE license options.

Using Nearpod faculty can:
  • Deliver synchronous presentations and assessments using student devices
  • Build active learning with fun and dynamic content
  • Collect and share student responses instantly to connect learners with each other
  • Track student comprehension in real time to monitor and adjust instruction
  • Give and monitor engaging asynchronous homework activities to flip the classroom!

Learn more about the features of Nearpod.

Join the Pilot

Pilot Information

Why a pilot?

This pilot will help MCC determine if the extended options available in Nearpod’s District Edition supports student learning and meets instructional needs. Additionally we hope to gather feedback to assess demand for the service and support structures for considering a wider license at the college.

What will the pilot entail?

Faculty pilot participants will be expected to provide feedback to the college on their experience with Nearpod via an end of pilot survey. A student survey will also be created and pilot participants will be encouraged to ask students to complete the survey so their feedback can be assessed.

Who should join the pilot?

Nearpod offers a free account with a limited feature set. The District Edition will give users more storage space for larger presentations, additional interactive and content activities, access to the content repository, a greater reporting toolset and the asynchronous homework option. We are asking that faculty interested in the pilot are willing to use some or all of the extended feature set. We apologize that this pilot is not open to non-instructional use at this time. We will assess the number of applications and if space is available, we will open the pilot to non-instructional use.

How many licenses do we have for the pilot?

We are purchasing 25 single-use licenses for the pilot, so we will be limited to 25 participants.

What technical support and training will be available to faculty in the pilot?

This is a pilot! Although a training will be provided to pilot participants, faculty selected should feel comfortable with trying new technologies with minimal support and training. This is not an officially supported campus technology and the MCC Center for Teaching & Learning will provide assistance when possible, but will have minimal access to troubleshoot or track down issues.

Be prepared to help your students! 

Faculty participants must provide all the product usage and technical support to students in their courses, not otherwise offered by Nearpod’s Support resources. The MCC HelpCenter will not be able to assist students with this tool.

How do I get started! Sign me up!

Please complete the Google Form to join the pilot. Applicants will be notified of their status prior to October 1.


Contact the Center for Teaching & Learning at or (480) 461-7331.