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Goodbye Ken

Last week was a historical week. Ken Costello has been a fixture at Mesa for many years and has been influential in my education ever since I was a student technology assistant back in the late 90’s.
VP Jim Mancuso Congratulations
Back then I knew him as the multimedia guy and when I got hired on full time for fall of 2000, I’ve been working around him professionally ever since. Ken retired officially from the college and working in the CTL on April 4 and we are sad to see him go. He’s had many influential clients that have come to him for advice and innovative development through the CTL and also for other college events throughout his tenure here. If you didn’t get a chance to make it to the reception held for him at the CTL check out these pictures hosted on our flickr account!

PowerPoint Criticized as PowerPoint classes begin

PowerPoint often gets bad reviews by educational psychologists and graphic designers such as Edward Tufte (mentioned in Brad’s earlier blog). They claim it is harming teaching and learning. I would like to address the criticisms of Edward Tufte as listed in the Wikipedia article about him. (more…)