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CTL Podcast with the Professor – Episode 3 – Rod Christian and The Secret of Editing Business Communications

Listen in on CTL Podcast with the Professor Episode 3 as Rod Christian, Business Faculty from Red Mountain, discusses his approach to providing feedback on student writing in his Business Communications classes.

Rod Christian

Recording notes: The audio for this podcast was captured using portable podcast technologies (iPod video device and Micromemo recorder). The sound was edited the podcast was created using Garage Band.

Meeting of the Minds (or the OS’s)

In my opinion, one of the reasons that George Lucas’ earlier Star Wars film efforts were so successful is because they portrayed his vision of a ‘used future’–one where its inhabitants weren’t totally amazed at the fact they were traveling by light speed in space ships the size of Texas. They just used technology because it was there. What part of this are we employing today? Which teaching and technology trends are here to stay and won’t evolve or degenerate because the future is here and now and we just use it without geeking out about it?

James brought to my attention that the folks at Apple are up to their old (but good) tricks again. They’ve released a new version of their Boot Camp software that allows MS Windows to run on their hardware. Newly added is support for Windows Vista. I anticipate there will be a day when we will be so used to technology that it won’t matter THAT much what OS (Operating System) a computer has on it. We will just walk up to technology and begin interacting with it. Bad technology will devolve and good technology will progress…much like natural selection in ecology.


Speaker: Applying for Residential Faculty Jobs

Dr. Christine Hall, District Director of Employment & Recruitment, came to speak to our adjunct faculty on Monday and the response was wonderful! We had more than 35 attendees from a wide range of disciplines come to get tips on how to best apply for residential faculty positions at Maricopa County Community Colleges.