ART Program: Adjunct Professional Development

Art Program LogoIntroducing ART, an MCC Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Program

ART: Adjuncts Reaching for Tomorrow is an engaging cohort-based program for MCC Adjunct Faculty to get an in-depth look at excellence in teaching and learning at the college. Offered by the MCC Center for Teaching and Learning, ART is structured as a stipend-based 40-hour hybrid professional development program each semester to foster community between the adjunct faculty participants and connect them to valuable college resources. The primary focus of the program is to support adjunct faculty with learning-centered approaches to lesson design and delivery.

Program Outcomes

Program participants will:

  1. Engage in a collaborative community of other adjunct and residential faculty, staff colleagues and college administrators to support a shared practice of teaching and  learning.
  2. Identify and utilize campus resources to inform and connect learners to critical services to promote retention, completion and success.
  3. Develop lessons on design and delivery researched-based standards integrating assessment, planning, and instructional strategies to engage learners.
  4. Pursue a course of professional growth and development grounded in self-awareness and reflection on instructional practice.

Program Agenda

Session and Course Topics

During the face-to-face and online course participants will explore a variety of topics to support their practice including:

  • designing and delivering lessons;
  • establishing classroom culture and norms, focusing on
    • differentiation of instruction,
    • accessibility, facilitation/instructional roles,
    • and classroom management);
  • writing measurable learning objectives;
  • creating meaningful content;
  • engaging active learning through purposeful interaction;
  • building informative assessments;
  • reflecting on practice for continual professional development and growth.

Participants will also learn about integrating technology effectively with pedagogy and the daily life and expectations of teaching at MCC.

Activities & Projects

A learning laboratory…

Each unit/module will begin with a highly engaging face-to-face learning laboratory where participants will work in collaborative teams to explore innovative and learning-centered approaches of instruction. Activities will include a variety of demonstrated learning strategies and technologies that participants can use immediately in their practice as educators.

A mixture of individual and collaborative online work will support the in-class activities, giving participants an opportunity to extend and deepen their knowledge through readings, guided practice, discussions, peer reviews and assessment.

Final Project & Presentation

Participants will design a lesson that incorporates best practice, researched standards. They will share their work in a final ePortfolio project and reflect on their work and program experience in a presentation at a celebration ceremony.

Program Requirements, Stipend & Application

Who is eligible to apply for this program?

  • Applicants must be currently teaching as adjunct faculty for MCC in the semester they take the program.
  • Applicants may be employed in a full-time capacity for any of the Maricopa Community Colleges, however, they must secure permission of their immediate supervisor to attend the program AND due to HR policies, they cannot receive a stipend for their participation.
  • Applicants may only participate in the program once.

What is the stipend for this program?

A stipend of $800.00 will be awarded to participants who successfully complete the program requirements as outlined. Funding is subject to availability.

What are the program requirements?

  • Must be able to attend all sessions, including the celebration, to be accepted to the program.
  • The ART Program stipend of $800 is offered to selected adjunct faculty for participation and successful completion of the program. Successful completion includes:
    • Attend all mandatory face-to-face sessions (16 hours). Sessions may not be made-up nor supplemented online. Participants who miss a session will be withdrawn from the program. Note: Participants who are more than 10 minutes late will be considered as absent and will be withdrawn from the program.
    • Submit all program assignments and activities in the ART course (approx. 24 hours of work) within the required time frame as outlined in the schedule.
    • Work with and maintain regular contact with the ART Program Coordinator and instructors
    • Offer feedback on the Program as per the due dates within ART course.
    • Attend the Program Celebration event (2 hours).
  • Must get chair support for application to program. This support must be received from the chair in email to the ART Program Coordinator, Dr. Jennifer Strickland.

Note: Requirements are subject to change.

Stay-Tuned! We hope to launch a 2015-2016 pilot program.

Application Deadline: TBA

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