AS191 Goodmans Partnership

An Interactive Learning Space

A classroom designed to connect to learning through space and technology.

The AS191 Classroom Design

The room was updated in 2011 with a generous donation from Goodman’s. The design of AS191 engages learners in a collaborative small group setting and wall to wall whiteboards surround the room. Instructors using this space, design lessons that purposefully support the learning objective through collaborative and cooperative strategies.

Why Goodman’s?

Goodman’s creates a warm environment that welcomes the learners into the space using a variety of furnishings that are both comfortable and conducive to learning.

We believe learning spaces are the sum of people, pedagogy, and place.

Goodman’s designs spaces that “enrich teaching and learning for students, faculty, administrators, and the community”. Their wide selection of furniture solutions including the Celeste lounge chair, Caper chair and Everywhere table used in AS191 help to create a learning community that adapts to a variety of learning styles. The furniture and design within AS191 supports the learners preferences from personal learning space to engaged small group collaboration.

AS191 Classroom Products

  • Front-facing projector and screen
  • 2 privacy partitions
  • 3 walls with floor-to-ceiling Egan whiteboards
  • 6 Celeste tablet lounge chairs
  • 3 Everywhere cafe height tables
  • 12 Everywhere rectangular-nesting tables with power feature
  • 1 Everywhere motorized adjustable-height table for accessibility
  • 6 cafe height and 8 standard Caper chairs
  • 8 Sayl chairs with arms
  • 8 Setu chairs

Additional Room Features

  • Zone-controlled lighting

AS191 Layout & Configurations

The layout of AS191 is designed for group interaction with the option of personal learning space for students. Utilizing several furnishing options the space provides learners with a diversity of choices to help them be comfortable within the learning environment.

Personal Learning Spaces vs. Small Groups:  With Goodman’s students make the choice.  They can self-select furniture that supports quiet focus and deep thinking or that pulls them together to share knowledge.

Teaching & Learning in AS191