AS196 HON Partnership

A Flexible Learning Space

One classroom with the capability to meet many teaching styles…

The AS196 Classroom Design

The room was updated in 2011 with a generous donation from the HON Company who truly transformed the space into a flexible modern day classroom. Imagine having the capability to redesign a classroom within minutes to support the learning goals.  With the innovative shape of the SmartLink furniture, any instructor can easily modify the learning space environment tailoring it to fit the lesson design and purpose; whether the need be for individual, student/group collaboration or student-centered layouts.

Why HON?

HON transforms a learning space to create a dynamic classroom environment using easily moveable SmartLink furniture.

It’s Not Just Furniture!  It’s a SmartLink…

SmartLink furniture is designed to utilize space while increasing productivity. They are flexible, durable, smart solutions that can easily be reconfigured to facilitate interactive learning and better support individual teaching and learning styles.

AS196 Classroom Products

  • Front facing projector and screen
  • 16 Cafe height student desks and chairs
  • 16 Student desks and chairs
  • 3 Whiteboards

Additional Room Features

Special features of this redesign include:

  • Paneled, sliding whiteboards that flip to cork-board
  • Flexible storage cabinets

AS196 Layout & Configurations

The desk configurations within AS196 take a matter of minutes to create. The SmartLink furniture, provided by HON, is designed to easily move in a variety of layouts. The instructor is limited only by their imagination!

Traditional Rows_Groups

Groups and Rows

Rows and Groups:  Design your learning space for your lesson needs.  Use rows for independent work and groups for collaboration.

Debate and Speeches

Debate and Speeches: Give the students the floor to enhance cross communication.

Teaching & Learning in AS196

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