SENDAS Mindfulness

Mindfulness as a focus of professional development improves the college experience by promoting strategies that help calm and focus the mind. Not only can faculty and staff benefit from mindfulness to help manage the difficulties of life and stressors of community college work, but mindfulness practices applied to instruction and student supports significantly benefit students. Research has shown that mindfulness practices facilitate a wide variety of positive learning outcomes and well-being for students, including increased attention, focus, and emotional regulation (Clarke, 2019).

During the Title V SENDAS grant-funded years, all employees at MCC will have access to mindfulness professional development.

Mindfulness Development

College Courses

Use your MCC employee tuition waiver and enroll into SWU250: Mindfulness for Stress Management. This 3-credit course meets the Social Behavior general requirement for MCCCD degrees.

Find a class: MCC Class Schedule

For more meditation podcasts, please view our Mindful Minutes playlist.

Professional Development Payment Opportunity

MCC employees that complete ten hours of SENDAS Project professional development will be eligible for a $300 one-time payment for grant research. Completers will receive an email invitation from SENDAS staff to participate.

To earn the payment the employee must:

  • acknowledge research parameters,
  • submit an artifact to show the application of cultural responsiveness to your work at MCC, and
  • agree to participate in a focus group (if available).

Research components should be completed outside of regular work hours. Employees are only eligible for a single one-time payment per term for this professional development. Payments are limited to grant funding.

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