Recommended Syllabus Statements

The following recommended syllabus statements are automatically included in syllabi created in the Syllabus Generator. You may remove any from your syllabi or the statements can be added to syllabi created outside of the Syllabus Generator. UPDATED August 18, 2020.

Face Coverings Rule

Maricopa County’s Regulations Requiring Face Coverings in Maricopa County, issued June 19, 2020 and District policy require all individuals on campus to wear a face covering or mask. These policies protect the health and safety of the students and employees (and the public, to the extent that colleges are open to the public) at the college/District community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students seeking accommodation from wearing a face mask or covering for health-related reasons or an existing disability must be registered and approved for accommodations by their college’s Disability Resources Office before they are able to refrain from wearing a face mask. Students seeking religious accommodations from wearing a face mask or covering must contact the Dean of Students and/or Dean of Academic Affairs office and engage in the accommodation process. All students seeking an accommodation (either for a disability or for religious reasons) must continue to wear a face covering until such accommodations have been approved.

MCC is committed to providing the best student experience possible while keeping the health and safety of our college community our highest priority. In response to COVID-19, there is a possibility that the structure of this class could change to entirely online delivery in order to ensure health guidelines.

Class Recordings

  1. Recordings of class lectures are only for the student’s personal use in study and preparation related to class.
  2. The student must comply with a faculty request to stop recording during discussions, demonstrations, guest speakers, or other situations of a sensitive nature that do not contain information affecting course competencies or grades.
  3. The student may not share these recordings with any other person without the written consent of the faculty member.
  4. Information contained in the recorded lectures may be protected under federal copyright laws and may not be published or quoted without the written consent of the faculty and without giving proper identity and credit to speakers. This includes publication via any social media platform, emails, or text messages.
  5. Except as such activity may be protected under policy or law, the student may not use the recorded lectures against the faculty member, other instructors, or students whose classroom comments are recorded as part of the class activity.
  6. The student will erase all recorded class lectures when they are no longer needed for academic work. Upon written request from the faculty member, students will return all class recordings to the faculty member for erasure. Likewise, students are not permitted to post the lectures on any social media platform.
  7. Students who wish to keep recordings beyond the end of the course for future review must obtain written permission from the faculty member.
  8. Violation of this rule may be deemed “academic misconduct” prohibited by the Student Code of Conduct.

Early Alert (EARS)

MCC is committed to the success of all of our students.  Numerous campus support services are available throughout your academic journey to assist you in achieving your educational goals.  MCC has adopted an Early Alert Referral System (EARS) as part of a student success initiative to aid students in their educational pursuits.  Faculty and Staff participate by alerting and referring students to campus services for added support.  Students may receive a follow-up call from various campus services as a result of being referred to EARS.  Students are encouraged to participate, but these services are optional.  Additional EARS information and Campus Resources can be located at:

Tuition Charges and Refunds

Students who officially withdraw from credit/clock classes (in fall, spring, or summer) within the withdrawal deadlines listed below will receive a 100% refund for tuition, class and registration fees. Deadlines that fall on a weekend or a college holiday will advance to the next college workday except for classes fewer than 10 calendar days in length or as specified by the college. Calendar days include weekdays and weekends. Refer to individual colleges for withdrawal and refund processes. Never attending is not an allowable refund exemption or an excuse of the debt incurred through registration.

Length of ClassOfficial Withdrawal Deadlines for 100% Refund
1-9 calendar daysPrior to the class start date
10-19 calendar days1 calendar day including the class start date
20-29 calendar days2 calendar days including the class start date
30-39 calendar days3 calendar days including the class start date
40-49 calendar days4 calendar days including the class start date
50-59 calendar days5 calendar days including the class start date
60-69 calendar days6 calendar days including the class start date
70+ calendar days7 calendar days including the class start date

*Course fees will be refunded only if the student qualifies for a 100% refund. Debts owed to any MCCCD college must be satisfied before any refunds are paid to the student. Refunds for students receiving federal financial assistance are subject to federal guidelines. Requests for exceptions to the refund policy must be filed within one year from the semester in which the course was taken.

Canvas: Learning Management System

MCC and other Maricopa Colleges use Canvas, an online learning management system.  Whether your class is face-to-face, hybrid, or entirely online, course materials should be accessed by students in Canvas.             

How to Access Canvas                                                     

Student Email

You will need a student email account so that your instructor can communicate with you regarding course work and performance in this class.  This is available to all MCC students at no charge. Contact your instructor through your Maricopa email or through Canvas.  Emails from accounts other than Maricopa (Yahoo, msn, Hotmail) will go into spam and will delete immediately.

Setting Up Your Maricopa Email

Online Tutoring by Brainfuse

All MCC students have access to 10 (ten) hours of free online tutoring by Brainfuse in multiple sessions throughout the semester by choosing an option below: 

  • Live Help – Receive instant support for various subjects
  • Writing Lab – Have your writing reviewed by a tutor
  • Offline Questions – Send a tutor an academic question.
  • And More!

Learning Enhancement Center

We care about your success! In addition to meeting with your instructor, as an MCC student you are encouraged to use FREE tutoring and other support services in the Learning Enhancement Center (LEC). 

Visit one of nine LEC locations to reinforce your understanding of course concepts and improve performance in your course(s). Fall 2020 semester: our highest priority during the COVID-19 crisis is the health, safety, and well-being of all students, faculty, and staff; thus, our services can be accessed online.

To connect to with a tutor, and for a full list of subjects, visit

Writing Center

The Writing Center provides one-on-one appointments with English faculty to help students during any phase of the writing process: brainstorming, prewriting, researching, drafting, and revising. The Writing Center is located on the 1st floor of the MCC Library.  However, for our Fall 2020 semester, our highest priority during the COVID-19 crisis is the health, safety, and well-being of all students, faculty, and  staff; thus, our services can be accessed online at

Student Resource Referral Guide

If you need support with academic or basic needs at MCC, such as tutoring and transportation issues, there are resources available to assist you.  MCC has compiled a list of them, which can be found in the following link: Student Resource Referral Guide.

Counseling Services

The Counseling Department at Mesa Community College provides a variety of counseling services to assist students in addressing their personal, academic, career development, prevention, and intervention challenges. Confidential services are offered free of charge to students. Counseling faculty support and empower students in the process of setting and attaining their academic, career, and personal goals. To schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor call:

MCC S&D (480) 461-7588

MCC Red Mountain  (480) 654-7720

Visit for more information

Recommendations for Academic Success

Students do not fail at the end of the semester.  If a student is failing in the last week, it is because of what he or she has done throughout the semester.  Keep up with the work.  Keep track of your points and percentage in the class. Keep track of assignment due dates on the course calendar.  Remember, you cannot complete all the assignments in the last few days of the semester.

Institutional Learning Outcomes: MCC’s 4 Cs

Our goal at MCC is to excel in teaching and learning. We are here to empower individuals to succeed in their local and global community. As part of this commitment, Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (iSLOs) have been created with the goal of embedding educational experiences in all MCC courses. ISLOs are skills and knowledge students attain through courses and experiences. Students who complete a degree, program or certificate will know they leave MCC with these skills or knowledge. MCC’s iSLOs are known as MCC’s 4Cs. They are Critical Thinking, Communication, Civic Engagement, and Cultural and Global Engagement.Visit Student Learning Outcomes for more information.

Honors Program

Learn and Earn! Do you have a 3.25 GPA? The Honors Achievement Award ($244-$500 per semester) is open to students who have completed 12 college-level credits within the Maricopa Colleges, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 and are currently enrolled in at least 6 graded credits. To be awarded funds, you must maintain a 3.25 GPA, complete an honors course (or honors contract in a regular course) with at least a “C” grade and participate in one co-curricular activity during the semester. Any students who qualify for this award should contact the Honors Office at 461-7079, Kirk Center 35S, or ask me about it!  Learn more and apply online at:

Information for Students of Faith

Mesa Community College fosters an environment of religious inclusion where students of faith will be welcomed and supported. If you have religious practices and needs (as protected by Title IV of the Civil Rights Act) and would like to discuss possible accommodations, please review the Religious Accommodation Procedure and contact your instructor.

College-Wide Online Students Course Survey

Near the end of this course, you may receive an invitation to complete a course survey via Canvas and your MCC email. Your constructive feedback plays an important role in shaping quality education at MCC. All responses are completely confidential, and your name is not stored with your answers in any way. In addition, instructors will not see results from the survey until after final grades are submitted. Your participation is greatly appreciated. The course survey is only given in some MCC courses, so you may not receive a survey in all courses.