Top ten signs of a modern techno-geek…

10. The first thing you think about when you get in a car is returning all those phone calls you haven’t had time to return.

9. You never watch a TV show at its scheduled time (go Tivo!)

8. While in the customer service waiting line, you call the customer service number on your cell phone and get faster service.

7. You use the alarm on your cell phone to wake up in the morning.

6. You regularly email yourself (and maybe even respond!).

5. When you say or do something you didn’t mean, you think “Undo.”

4. You use Google to research answers to all you unknown questions.

3. You don’t forward the “please forward this to 10 of your friends” messages to your friends (unless they really are profound).

2. You are regularly disappointed that you can’t surf while driving.

And…the number 1 sign of a modern techno-geek…

1. You send yourself a voice mail message then, when listening to your voice mail, you don’t recognize the caller!

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