Goodbye (Temporarily)

Good Morning All,

I’m writing a quick post to let all who read know that I will be ‘gone’ temporarily from the CTL as I will be completing the requirements for a Masters degree in the Ed Tech program at ASU on a sabbatical leave award. Everyone here has been very supportive of me doing this and I’m grateful for that. So grateful, in fact, that I couldn’t leave until the very last minute. Today is my last day here and I will be tying up some loose ends for a short while.

I will occasionally post a thing or two to the blogcast whilst I’m on leave as well as documenting my more routine educational experiences and findings at my other website, EduTechnorama. (I know it sounds goofy but I had to come up with something to call it)

At any rate it was good to be back for the summer, albeit for lack of posting to the blog I had a good break from the semester. Other changes as you may have known is that my longtime co-worker, Donna Gaudet is no longer here. She’s opted for a full time teaching position at Scottsdale Community College. Shelley Rodrigo has temporarily taken her place and the last few posts have been hers. If you already haven’t met her, be sure to stop by and say ‘hello’. Donna has been and will be truly missed, as well as Brad Kincaid who finished his two-year temporary assignment as our boss and mentor while Naomi Story was working on a special assignment at the District office.

Naomi has been great and will continue to lead us on through the coming months. I’m hoping she will find some time to post to the blog this semester (hint, hint).

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  1. Pam Lizardi says:

    Jeff, Congratulations on completing the masters. Can you tell me why it seems every Sunday WebCT is down? It is starting to be a common event. As you know most adjunct online teachers have other jobs so weekends provide us an opportunity to catch up on our classes. I have been unable to do that lately. HELP!!! Pam Lizardi

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