CIS236 & CIS237 Summer 2015

Summer Learning, Have a Blast with CIS236 & 237

Relax & Retool: CIS236 & CIS237 Online at MCC Summer 2015
Prepare for or Retool Your Online, Hybrid and Web-Enabled Course

Enjoy the summer and learn too! The CIS 236 and CIS 237 series is designed to help you get started in or retool for the unique world of teaching & learning in the hybrid and online formats. It can also help support you in web-enabling your ground/face-to-face course. The courses are offered online and open entry so that you can learn, even when lounging on the beach! Take advantage of this convenient and flexible option to build your teaching toolbox!

First, experience the ‘student’ perspective of online learning in CIS236. Get helpful tips to facilitate a course including policies, procedures and content management (copyright and accessibility). Along the way, see what the Canvas learning management system can do to enhance any course format and discover new digital teaching tools to engage learners. Then explore course design and content creation more deeply in CIS 237. Build engaging assignments, group activities and integrate technology to support learners’ needs.Take away a duplicative structure to build effective course modules.

Instructors will complete the series with practical tips, researched pedagogy and a helpful model for building and facilitating an online or hybrid format class or supporting a ground/face-to-face course with an online presence.

Advantages of the Open Entry Format

Mesa Community College is offering CIS236 and CIS237 in the Open Entry format for the Summer 2015.

Flexible Learning!

  • Pick your own start date from May 26 – June 5.
  • Set your own pace over an 8 week period.
  • No hard deadlines.

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CIS 236:  Web Based Teaching & Learning I (2 credits), Section #16166

Experience using a web-based learning environment from an online student’s perspective. Use communication tools, submit assignments, use evaluation tools, and navigate an online-learning environment.  Introduction to the basics of online pedagogy and lots of hands-on experience with a web-based learning environment and digital teaching tools! Prerequisites: CIS133CA or CIS 133DA, or permission of instructor. Contact instructor for override code.

  • Offered fully online during Summer 2015 (Open Entry) – Choose a start date fromMay 26 – June 5. Students will have 8 weeks to finish the course from the start date.

CIS 237:  Web Based Teaching & Learning II (3 credits), Section #16167

Discuss theories, methods, and best practices for designing, developing, and delivering an online course including Classroom Assessment Techniques, Flipped Classroom, Quality Matters and more.  Create an online or hybrid course module using a web-based learning environment.  Prerequisites: CIS 236, or permission of instructor. Contact instructor for concurrent enrollment code (allowing students to take CIS236 and CIS237 simultaneously).

  • Offered fully online during Summer 2015 (Open Entry/Open Exit) – Choose a start date from May 26 – June 5. Students will have 8 weeks to finish the course from the start date.