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Faculty discuss their projects

Faculty Showcase their eVenture Projects

Faculty discuss their projectsWe loved Gold Star – it ran over 5 years and many of you designed amazing online courses using Quality Matters as your guide. Like any program though, it had a life span and in its last semester we had only three applications to the program. So we revised and started a new. We did not abandon QM though – designing a QM course is still a possibility in the new program but we transitioned to eVenture. This program is designed to champion and foster some college initiatives around teaching and learning including: Flipping the classroom for a more engaged class time, OER to reduce textbook costs for students and allow faculty more freedom to design their course specific to their preferences rather than a publisher preference, and many more.

eVenture is intended to be a personal action research project for faculty. The Group of faculty talkingidea being we engage in at least 10 hours of professional development around a topic and then create something for our course(s) based on that new knowledge. This can be learning about Flipped and how to flip (technically) then designing your course and making your online lectures. One of the culminating milestones for our project participants is our eVenture Showcase.

One thing we often heard about previous programs was time to put into the project so each eVenture session includes some summer time to allow for more time without so many teaching responsibilities. The program runs January – June 15 and July 1 – Dec. 15. We just finished our first eVenture program session.

Group of faculty around a laptopIf you did not get a chance to stop by and see the amazing projects our eVenturers undertook be certain you do next time. In the meantime enjoy some photos and be on the watch out for our short eVenture interviews as faculty talk about their work. Whats your next eVenture?

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3-D printing has Arrived at MCC!

Arizona Advanced Manufacturing Institute is proud to announce that Mesa Community College now has state of the art 3-D printing capabilities!

In the Manufacturing lab (TC 107), we have 2 new 3D printers, the Fortus 250 and 400, that can utilize 11 different materials with build size up to 16X14X16 inches.

We would like to invite you to participate in a one-hour session for orientation about 3-D printing technology and how it can possibly be incorporated into your current curriculum.

These sessions will be held in room TC 107.:

  • May 4th at 1:00 pm
  • May 8th at 5:00 pm

The 1 hour orientation will consist of:

  1. The history and applications of 3-D printing
  2. Current technology and capacity available at Mesa Community College
  3. A brief tutorial on protocols and procedures for using these resources
  4. Discuss modular curriculum and integration
  5. A demonstration of the 3-D printers

Many industries are beginning to utilize 3-D printing. The need for knowledgeable technicians is creating new career opportunities for graduating students. Everyone at AzAMI is very excited to share and introduce students to this rapidly growing technology. We are confident that applications for 3-D printing can be found in many academic departments here at Mesa Community College and look forward to hearing your ideas and receiving input about incorporating 3-D printing into your curriculum!

Facilitator: Dirk BeGell,  resident Trained and certified Lab Technician for 3-D printing technology, also known as Additive Manufacturing.

Please email your RSVP or request for more information to

Congratulations to MCC’s 2013 Excellence Award Recipients!

The League for Innovation in the Community Colleges annual John and Suanne Roueche Excellence Award honors faculty and staff in the community college for their outstanding leadership and contributions to the community college. This year MCC is proud to announce the two recipients of this years awards:

Join us in congratulating them both for their outstanding contributions to student success.

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About the community: The CTL@MCC Google+ Community strives to bring together educators in higher ed to collaborate, share, learn, and innovate so that together we can improve student success and college completion.  Join the conversation and help us celebrate excellence!

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Welcome to the Fall Semester!

MCC Music Adjunct FacultyWelcome back Mesa Community College!  Already you have been hard at work preparing for your first days of class and diligently striving to create meaningful learning experiences for your students this semester.  In just our one week back, we have been lucky to witness the fabulous, collaborative, innovative work that many of you are planning!   (more…)

Blogging the conference life…

Fantastic use of blogs for education…tracking your movement through the maze of an academic conference session. “Walk” with Shelley Rodrigo, MCC faculty of English, this week as she attends and documents her experience at the CCCC conference.

Piratey Version of Martin’s Post

I’ve worked with Martin for almost 8 years now (gee I’m not that old), and when we shared office space and were working on some project together occassionally he’d slip into frustration with a growl that went something like “Arggh!!” — Just like a pirate. So anyway for lack of other material to post, and in honor of his style of getting things done under frustration at times, I ran his narrative blog post this week through the pirate talk translator:

Read on to see how it sounds on paper…I can’t help but laugh 😀


Blogging at Mesa Community College

In the CTL we have opportunities of trying out new services for the purpose of experimentation and growth for new methods of instruction. While we have had a blog before, currently, this blog is the first official blog hosted on the same website as our main page. Thanks to Martin Lehner, and James Bowles, our website is able to support more dynamic content than in the past. Anything PHP based is now a thing of reality, whereas before it was harder to support on our server. However, we aren’t quite there yet in terms of supporting a broad campus-wide instructional blogging community. In the interim, if anyone wants to do blogging for themselves or collaboratively with your students or co-workers, there are many free alternatives. (more…)