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TLTR Talks Copyright

  • Do you know when you show half of that movie or television recording if you are breaking copyright? Since you just close your classroom door, do you care?
  • What if you are teaching or working online, are you worried about posting articles, audio recordings, or visual media that you did not make yourself? How can you make sure you are protected?
  • Are you administrating a server where someone might have uploaded copyrighted material? Are you responsible for that violation? (more…)

FYR: iTunesU @ MCC

Realize that podcasting is just another form of RSS! Instead of subscribing to written texts, with podcasting you are subscribing to syndicated audio files instead. And…MCC has it’s very own instance of iTunes University! We have a few faculty who are dabbling in podcasting and uploading material to our copy of iTunesU. However, the school newspaper, The Mesa Legend, is by far the most prolific. So, consider downloading yourself a copy of iTunes (it’s free) and subscribing to a few of our very own Mesa podcasts!

Grants: Funding for incorporating Mobile Computing into Math & Science courses

Hewlett-Packard Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative – Higher Education Edition – FY 2008
FUNDING SOURCE: Hewlett-Packard Company Philanthropy and Education

The purpose of this program is to support innovative and effective uses of mobile technology to improve teaching and learning in educational systems. Colleges and universities, are expected to not only provide technology in the classroom setting but also incorporate technology into lesson plans and curriculum.

Feed Your Read

At this point in time many of you have probably heard the term Web2.0. And I know that most of you have heard all of the “social”-ness of the internet, especially with social networking sights like MySpace and Facebook. What you probably do not realize that it is primarily RSS technology (Really Simple Syndication) that pulls all this socialness together. So what IS RSS?

TED and the CTL Teaching Team

The CTL Teaching Team events have really taken off during the past couple of weeks. We’ve had the CIS folks at both S&D and Red Mtn., sharing their expertise and teaching us all how to navigate the new interfaces of the MS Office 2007 suite.

On Monday Paul Valach introduced TED: Ideas Worth Spreading to a few of us. If you ever decide you want a guest speaker for your class, face-to-face or online, TED is the place to start looking. (more…)

Alternatives to MS Word

As instructors continue to increase the number of online courses MCC offers, as well as continue to shift from paper to electronic homework submissions, we are beginning to notice the following two trends:
1. many of our students do not own MS Word; therefore,
2. an increasing number of our students electronically submit documents that are not in the “.doc” format.

There are a few easy suggestions to help with this issues.

Challenging our Students

We’ve tabulate the results from the ticket out from Fall 2007 Convocation. The following list groups the various "Challenging Students" ideas into trends that Naomi Story & Shelley Rodrigo identified. Please read through and consider responding to this post. Things to consider:

  • Which of these suggestions will you do? when? where? how?
  • Which of these suggestions have you done in the past? How did they play out?
  • What other categories do you see emerging in this list of suggestions?